I could see from the look of his eyes,
He watched to something distance,
Something ever coming,
This time I could see a glimpse of glitter in them,
A welcoming look to something I tried to see,
But couldn`t pick it out,
He turned and said,
“Son, do you see that?”
I tried but couldn`t see it yet,
“It`s finally here son all is well now”
From a far I could see a white rising smoke,


Words so deep, unsung,
Some deep quiet conviction,
Deep within,
Beneath the soul,
Always speaks that of the soul and heart,
So moving and motivating,
Pricking the reason for our existence,
And the marvel of everything,

Sunset and Sunshine

Sometimes we wonder whether it is worth having good memories,
And we tend to give a side long look,
Hoping that something would have changed,
Crumbling to the foot notes of our lives,
And escalating to fantastical proportions of what we would do,
Give us no clear answer to cling to,
And the unavoidable reality,
Is what looks like a sunset to us,
A sunset that is also a sunrise to something,
A prefigure of a glimpse of outlook,
Bringing a huge amount of diversity,