We never lose composure,

In our hoods we don`t die of exposure,

We fight hard to escape from the torture,

In our hearts and feelings we`ve always been made low,

Not because of our wishes but because of the law,

But forward we will move,

From the little we will achieve,

We strike back as we reflect,

On the leaders we elect,

Before the sunset,

We rose and made ourselves ready and set,

We struggled though encountered and outwitted the challenges we met,

Though our clothes were made wet,

Forever we will move forward,

For success in our paths,


My Daily Prayer

I wake up every day,
Yet another beautiful day,
Yet another day to live,
Yet another day to breath,
Yet another day to make peace with our neighbors,
Yet another day to start everything over,
Yet another day to meditate on everything,
Yet another day to look at the past and be thankful for everything,
It`s yet another day to look into my future,
Correcting all the mistake that I made in my past,
It`s been such a long and short way,
I believe it has taken a hand of somebody to see me through all these,
Thank you Lord for having seen me through,
The challenges life brought me,
Tears that I had to shed,
Sorrows that I had to go through,
Questions that I had to ask,
It`s only YOU that made it possible for me up to this far,
For my days and time ahead of me,
I ask for your protection,
For your guidance,
Show me the way,
Bless the work of my hands,
Give me a chance to express myself to the world and be an epitome of something good,
Something that humanity would look up to,
And be a smile to many,

Baby Steps to Big Dreams

We always walk; forging ahead,

From baby steps to big dreams,

And finding a way out to make them,

Sing in a perfect harmony with each other,

Every piece fits in together,

Falling towards each other,

Others falling apart,

Identifying ourselves is by far the greatest appreciation,

We can give to ourselves,

Giving us the chance,

To nourish our souls,

Every experience shapes us,

Into whom we would eventually become,




Still I Rise.

I have been laid low,
Ran on the mud,
Demoralized to a point of losing hope,
But amid all still I rise,

I have kept my tears back,
Flowing out of my eyes,
Joy was not what I felt,
It was the pain in my heart,
But amid all still I rise,

Been a victim of circumstances a times,
Situations have shown me their backs,
With nowhere else to run to,
My heart being the only refuge,
But amid all still I rise,

I have sometimes blamed myself,
For the wrongs that I have done,
The mistakes that I made,
Bad things I have done to people,
Only to learn, it`s part of my life`s journey,
But amid all still I rise,

I have faced many challenges,
In the quest for my heart`s desires fulfillment,
In the quest to achieve my dreams,
Sometimes deviated away from following my heart`s cry,
But amid all still I rise,
And still I will rise,

Always pushing forward


We struggle every day,
We try to do the best in our every chores,
The best we can strive to achieve,
We try to meet our everyday all rounded expectations,
To put a smile on every member of our family,
Burning the midnight oil,
All in conformity trying to make our life better,
No matter the challenges,
No matter the downs,
There is always a flicker of hope,
An inspiration,
A motivational factor,
That is deeply rooted in us,
Always encouraging us to push forward,
And look at every challenge,
As a stepping stone,
For better and great things ahead of us,