Sub-conscious plagiarism of my past

From what I see every sunshine before my naked eyes,

From what I hear every sunset among the wide spreading rays,

From what I listen to everyday every time between the whispers,

From what is always said by the masses,

To what is rarely said by the few,

I recollect everything,

Putting them in a clear and clean script,

Trying to make sense out of them,

The beauty of the language I phrase them with,

To join the dots to form tunes humming in perfect harmony with each other,

Lays down the path I`ve travelled all along,

The meanders and straights of my journey,

Brings back my thoughts,

To the forgotten dialect of my heart,

Shaking the shackles of reason,

And retreating to the life of simplicity,

Exploring the realms of my extra ordinary thoughts,

Has brought me mental toughness, living with courage,

Towards making a life and reconnecting to my mortality,


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