It is our time

Transition in the society has been tremendous,
From over a decade ago,
People`s lifestyles have changed,
From clinging to the cultures to adoption of western cultures,
From communism way of living to individualistic way of living,
Height of desperation soaring so high,
Among the privileged and less privileged,
Leaders; the mighty;
Are taking advantage of our hopelessness; our ignorance,
With the promise of miraculously providing a remedy to it but with a third eye agenda on it,
The weak and the uninformed succumb to them unknowingly,
Insults to their already borne soars is the outcome,
Speck on their eyes replaced with yet another speck meet them,
It`s our time to open up our eyes,
To open up our minds with sharper thoughts and wider mental view,
Step up and condemn it,
And be a solution as a young generation,
It is a broad and promising future a head,
It is our time to light up the way,


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