It is my story

We speak our minds and hearts off,
We trust our instincts and instincts of those who surround us,
And those who hold a special place in our hearts,
We sail in the same boat,
With believe, hope and faith,
That we both are heading towards the same destination,
But within a blink of a moment,
The boat capsizes and explodes to pieces,
Leaving us in devastated states,
With no one to call for help from,
We dig in and out for reasons and evidence,
Only to realize that we`re the only diggers,
Only one in the dark,
They cling on to the vital information,
Meant to make everything right,
With no success, we shrug and walk away sadly,
They can`t see what u going through,
And they are not in a position to realize that,
Why did it have to start anyway?
You ponder, no answers,
And to our conclusion,
What had been the best we had,
Have become the worst that almost destroyed us and what we believed in,
And its life; and have to deal with that


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