Walk with us

The road we travel is often unpredictable,
Sometimes it is very smooth,
Sometimes it is full of pot holes,
Always in the search,
A yearning for love deep inside us,
A connection that we always find comfort in,
A glimpse of hope in our faces,
When we realize that we are not alone,
In the journeys we travel,


My Daily Prayer

I wake up every day,
Yet another beautiful day,
Yet another day to live,
Yet another day to breath,
Yet another day to make peace with our neighbors,
Yet another day to start everything over,
Yet another day to meditate on everything,
Yet another day to look at the past and be thankful for everything,
It`s yet another day to look into my future,
Correcting all the mistake that I made in my past,
It`s been such a long and short way,
I believe it has taken a hand of somebody to see me through all these,
Thank you Lord for having seen me through,
The challenges life brought me,
Tears that I had to shed,
Sorrows that I had to go through,
Questions that I had to ask,
It`s only YOU that made it possible for me up to this far,
For my days and time ahead of me,
I ask for your protection,
For your guidance,
Show me the way,
Bless the work of my hands,
Give me a chance to express myself to the world and be an epitome of something good,
Something that humanity would look up to,
And be a smile to many,

They know it well

It`s beautiful,
Staring at the trees swing and sway,
Dance to the tunes of the universe,
Sing humming sounds,
To the winds as they blow across the lands,
For years they have experienced it,
Yet no one knows,
How it feels to experience that,
The pain they had to experience,
The happiness they have dragged along,
The strength they had to use,
To keep them stand to their feet,
It`s only them,

Baby Steps to Big Dreams

We always walk; forging ahead,

From baby steps to big dreams,

And finding a way out to make them,

Sing in a perfect harmony with each other,

Every piece fits in together,

Falling towards each other,

Others falling apart,

Identifying ourselves is by far the greatest appreciation,

We can give to ourselves,

Giving us the chance,

To nourish our souls,

Every experience shapes us,

Into whom we would eventually become,





Memories are a way of keeping the past alive,
So painful we never want to go back again,
But a memory can also be a gift.
Something we can open again and again
And feel ourselves with happiness,
This time what you`re searching for,
Is better days that lies ahead of us,
And sometimes a moment becomes a memory the moment it happens,
Because it is so true, so pure and so significant,
And you feel you want to capture it forever,
Courtesy: Kyle XY.


I was a caterpillar before I became a butterfly.

Trapped inside a white cocoon,

My fate unknown,

Only hoping, be it to the beholder`s eyes,

From a feeble kick day in day out,

To a strong kick someday a head,

I broke through open the cocoon,

And found my new freedom,

And I became a butterfly,

Flying and dangling around in a beautiful composure,

The Lesson – Maya Angelou

Elena Xtina

I keep on dying again.
Veins collapse, opening like the
Small fists of sleeping
Memory of old tombs,
Rotting flesh and worms do
Not convince me against
The challenge. The years
And cold defeat live deep in
Lines along my face.
They dull my eyes, yet
I keep on dying,
Because I love to live.

The Lesson – Maya Angelou

My family had the most amazing news yesterday. The past few months have been a struggle but have made me even more thankful for my life, for the health and happiness of my family and friends. Ultimately – they come first. When you have to be strong for them, step up. Most of all I am just thankful my padre can go on his trip back home that he thought wouldn’t happen. I have never seen him so happy, and that makes me happy 😀

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