Let`s find our way out.

Ben Stuff

With everything that is going on in our lives,
With everything happening in our lives,
It`s always hard to keep track,
Of what happened and what`s available now,
What is promised?
What has been around for some time?
We push on blindly always,
Groping in the dark for a helping hand,
Trying to find a way out of the darkness we are entangled in,
We get our feet wet and muddy,
By jumping into a pool of mud we have a prior knowledge of,
Not afraid of the consequences,
However, we always do unknowingly some things,
With no knowledge of it being wrong or right,
Only to realize later it was either,
Right, good of u,
Wrong, bad of you,
Amidst all however,
We forget that we are the master of our lives,
Drivers of our auto motives,
And that we have to do some favour to our lives,

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