Escaping the fragility of time

time frgility2


Always at our heels,
With fragility it moves past us,
We always everyday in pursuit for this miracle,
Hoping it stays with us a bit longer,
But we always run out of it,
“Someday I guess we would possess the ability to hold on to it longer”,
We always give it everything,
It heals greatest wounds in the universe,
Refreshes everything and gives us a chance to start everything over,
It gives us a chance to learn from the mistakes for a better ahead of it,
No matter the circumstances of then,
Moves mountains closer to each other,
Brings dreams closer day in day out,
Brings opportunities at the wake of dawn,
Brings meditation at the break of dusk,
I will escape your fragility,
By holding on to the passions,
Passions of my life`s nature,
At the wake of your dawn,


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