Falling, Sitting back and Rising

Sometimes I think,
I have done the best,
The best of what I aspired to do,
But I sit down,
Reflecting it all as my small reminder,
Is then that I realize that I`m far behind,
Behind the expected and the schedule,
And I have to rewrite it again in a different script,
Filter and debug the errors into a clear pattern of it,
Into a recipe of the expected,
And put them in a humane format,
And I`m forced to admit,
On a daily basis that I`m nowhere near being smart of what I want to be,
Trying, failing, trying, falling and standing firm again,
Will see me through,
And I believe it will see me through in my forthcoming times,
In my dealings and my endeavors,
And I will be the best in my empire.
The king in my own world,


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