Sunset and Sunshine

Sometimes we wonder whether it is worth having good memories,
And we tend to give a side long look,
Hoping that something would have changed,
Crumbling to the foot notes of our lives,
And escalating to fantastical proportions of what we would do,
Give us no clear answer to cling to,
And the unavoidable reality,
Is what looks like a sunset to us,
A sunset that is also a sunrise to something,
A prefigure of a glimpse of outlook,
Bringing a huge amount of diversity,



Silence is the greatest disease,
It kills softly from the inside,
Wearing the inside walls to its manifestation on the outside,
Of the person whom he is directed to,


Let`s find our way out.

Ben Stuff

With everything that is going on in our lives,
With everything happening in our lives,
It`s always hard to keep track,
Of what happened and what`s available now,
What is promised?
What has been around for some time?
We push on blindly always,
Groping in the dark for a helping hand,
Trying to find a way out of the darkness we are entangled in,
We get our feet wet and muddy,
By jumping into a pool of mud we have a prior knowledge of,
Not afraid of the consequences,
However, we always do unknowingly some things,
With no knowledge of it being wrong or right,
Only to realize later it was either,
Right, good of u,
Wrong, bad of you,
Amidst all however,
We forget that we are the master of our lives,
Drivers of our auto motives,
And that we have to do some favour to our lives,

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I don`t hold grudges but everything is still fresh in my mind.

no Grudges

I don`t hold grudges,
But I remember everything,
Everything that did happen to my life under your hands,

I don`t hold grudges,
But every single word is still fresh inside my mind,
Every single sound of your voice,
Still echoes in my mind,
Echoing those spiteful words,

I don`t hold grudges,
But my memory takes me back,
To the sound of your breath,
To the spiteful look at your face,
To the shrinking of your face at the site of me,

I don`t hold grudges,
I don`t wish to hold them either,
Only hoping,
When I go to the life yonder,
I don`t wish to remember them again,
And I don`t wish them to be part of me,
For the rest of my life,

How to share WIFI on your Windows Computer

Run the command prompt as administrator. Then type the following:
#netsh wlan show drivers

if hostednetwork=yes, proceed and type the following on the CMD

#netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=hostname, key=password. //creating the hosted
NB: hostname is what you wish to call the network to be shared. And password is the password.
The hosted network is now created but it is still offline so you have to start it as below.
#netsh wlan start hostednetwork //start the hosted network
#netsh wlan stop hostednetwork //stop the hosted network.

On the control panel click on the properties of the current network you are using. Then allow sharing.

Escaping the fragility of time

time frgility2


Always at our heels,
With fragility it moves past us,
We always everyday in pursuit for this miracle,
Hoping it stays with us a bit longer,
But we always run out of it,
“Someday I guess we would possess the ability to hold on to it longer”,
We always give it everything,
It heals greatest wounds in the universe,
Refreshes everything and gives us a chance to start everything over,
It gives us a chance to learn from the mistakes for a better ahead of it,
No matter the circumstances of then,
Moves mountains closer to each other,
Brings dreams closer day in day out,
Brings opportunities at the wake of dawn,
Brings meditation at the break of dusk,
I will escape your fragility,
By holding on to the passions,
Passions of my life`s nature,
At the wake of your dawn,

Falling, Sitting back and Rising

Sometimes I think,
I have done the best,
The best of what I aspired to do,
But I sit down,
Reflecting it all as my small reminder,
Is then that I realize that I`m far behind,
Behind the expected and the schedule,
And I have to rewrite it again in a different script,
Filter and debug the errors into a clear pattern of it,
Into a recipe of the expected,
And put them in a humane format,
And I`m forced to admit,
On a daily basis that I`m nowhere near being smart of what I want to be,
Trying, failing, trying, falling and standing firm again,
Will see me through,
And I believe it will see me through in my forthcoming times,
In my dealings and my endeavors,
And I will be the best in my empire.
The king in my own world,

I Fly Across them all.

Black Eagle

The rains above,
The falling rain drops,
The vastness of the universe,
The deep blue skies,
The shining galaxies of stars,
Like an eagle I fly majestically across them all,
Spreading its powerful wings,
Swinging and fighting hard against the strong winds,
I can see the peak of the mountain,
To shade off my old rugged feathers,
To shade off old and weak claws of my feet,

Jungle and way out,

I was trapped in the jungle of life,
My death rested upon the time,
Time before the lions of the jungle smelled my whereabouts,
Time before I tripped into an abyss of poisonous angry snakes,
Until the time I found a path that led me out,
Path that gave me direction,
A purpose in my life,
And I identified myself, who I was, what I stood for and what I fight for,

More than life`s physical touch.

I try with my third eye to look keener,
I try to use my sixth sense to think beyond my thoughts,
I have stood behind my eyes,
And watch what my eyes see and look at,
To my amazement,
I was able to unravel the beauty behind their physical touch,
Of life,
Behind the cover,
There is more,
Beyond the horizon,
There is a land yonder,