It is Kenya. Who will fill the gap?

In any of today`s African nation, it is a common thing to talk of economical and development growth. That is exactly true. Every aspect of every pillar in every country is growing. Infrastructure, education, agriculture are all growing with different speeds and dimensions. Specifically Kenya, a lot has taken place. Technology has had a major boost over the last one decade. Mobile technology is the major aspect of tehnology that has deeply rooted every individual in the society to an extend that you hardly get anyone without a cell phone in his/ her possession. Businesses are booming with the use of the same.

Agriculture is embracing technology. Modern equipments are being used to enhance the agricultural sector. Techno savvy individuals are on the rise. And this has consequently led to locally developed mobile application softwares, lots of success in software development has been realised by individuals and companies.

The government is adapting security frameworks to enhance the security of their systems. Last year, 2015, Kenya’s largest mobile phone firm Safaricom signed a deal with the government to construct a security system worth billions of shillings which would help combat crime through daily survailence that would be conducted on daily basis in major cities in the country. The government is improving the jua kali sector to help the informally trained personnel in the society self employ themselves and be part of the nation building. County goverments have been established with the aim of decentralizing development to the grass roots level and to help in development of marginalized areas.

People are investing in real estates, big businesses, agriculture, technology, learning institutions as many people crave for formal education, recreational centres, malls and supermarkets. All these has led to a lot of money circulation and as a result individuals are developing themselves.

When you go to every Kenyan city or town, Nairobi, Eldoret, Mombasa, Kisumu luxurious and recreational places are all everywhere. Big and luxurious hotels, powerful cars every where.

All these are a manifestation of a growing economy. With the involment of government in some of the areas trying to help the people and generally develop the country.

However, contrary to the above, in every town in the country there are two extremities. A short distance away from the luxurious places, it is sad to find people living in very poor conditions, living at the extreme ends of struggling hard to eke out a living. It is the same town, with two sets of people living at two extreme opposite ends.

There is a gap that is ever growing and widening between these two groups of people. And this is Kenya, and my big question is WHO WILL FILL THIS GAP?


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