……So Strong


Like the leaves falling gently down from its branches,
Glossily walking across the hallway,
Like a stream flowing downstream in a clear pattern,
Sensation of warmth in my heart,
Is all I feel about her,
The brightest star among the bright stars in the galaxy,
Is all I see at the deepest end of my vision at the thought of her,
Beneath the ocean of my thoughts,
I can figure her out,
Bright smile, white apple shaped eyes,
Calm composure, confident and tactical in nature,
Beautiful she stands out,
So beautiful she is; she blesses me with her unique beauty,
I look at the blue sky sometime and wonder,
“Where did she come from? All this time I have been in the search for the unknown”,
She has a face of a child,
She cares like a mother and stares at me like a kid,


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