Linux-do – The Path to Linux

Lands of Unix

For some people Linux is merely an operating system, an inexpensive alternative to Windows or Mac. For me and many others Linux represents a path – ‘Linux-do’ as the Japanese would probably put it (Bushido or Bushi-do – ‘the way of the warrior’). My main goal when using various distributions was always broadening my understanding of mechanics underlying operating systems – how the kernel software lets the user communicate with hardware, how to compile software, etc. Due to its intrinsic flexibility, Linux offers quite a lot.

images.duckduckgo.comDisciples of ‘Linux-do’ such as I typically follow a stepwise progression towards enlightenment – becoming one with the operating system. Beginners usually start with the more user-friendly distributions, for example Ubuntu, OpenSUSE or Mageia/OpenMandriva Lx. The majority of them are content with that level of understanding, however, many want to know Linux better and continue their exploration (‘distro-hopping’). The next step…

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