Celebrating Linux Diversity

Lands of Unix

Some time ago I wrote about excessive forking, how it dilutes out human efforts and leads to duplication of results. Embarrassing as it is, I have to admit that my judgment was clouded and procured far too hastily. In my musings I have neglected the positive aspects of forking and producing re-spins of popular distributions. This was brought to my attention by a recent article on DistroWatch.com, as part of the Distro Watch Weekly series.

One of the key features of Linux-verse and the open-source community in general is freedom. Programmers, developers and the like are not limited by ‘egoistic’ corporate agreements and copyright claims. Naturally, too much freedom may lead to waste of resources, but this is greatly overshadowed by the real consequence – evolution.

In the animal kingdom various species developed different mechanisms of adaptation, connected tightly with the size of their progeny. On the one hand, we…

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