Does Academic qualification ensure success?

It is common to find someone who completed or graduated recently with good grades from any prestigious university, college or a tertiary institution but still languishing in life. And it is also common to find someone who failed in his academic life succeeding in businesses, real estates or farming. And it is also true finding someone who succeeded both in his academic and later part of his life.

But my biggest worry is: what is the correlation between succeeding in academics and succeeding in life? I have always pondered on this issue over and over trying to find tangible correlation between the two. I have been in school for the last 15 years, I have been having A`s all along. However I have never felt the satisfaction that I have actually succeeded in my life.

My parents always say “Go to school, get good grades, succeed and bring success and prestige back to the family”. But sincerely where are we going wrong here? Is there a stage that these issues have to be addressed?

Parents and teachers are doing great work, worth much more of what we get in our lives. They are the backbone of our lives, foundation of what we later become. Every one of them wishes best to their children and their students.
But to some extent I think there is something wrong with our Kenyan education system. There is no point where succeeding in life is discussed. Everything implanted in us is to get good grades, pass and proceed to the next class. Issues on how to tackle every life`s challenge mostly economically is never the topic to be discussed. An A in school is equated to successful life and a D is equated to doom in life. But there is more to that. There is more to a successful life and wealth creating life than just grades.

Looking keenly, life in school is dictated by one`s grades and an urge to get better grades; A`s and B`s. Cramming for exams, passing the tests for good grades is common hearsay of the schools. Fears brought by exams deviates one to move away from doing that which they are passionate about and that which would actually bring success in their later life. However except for some few who go an extra mile to balance between the academics and their passions.

Just as a thought, there is more to succeeding in academics and to successful life. We must identify what we are passionate about and spend more time on it to realize the satisfaction within us in a succeeding life.
Well, I`m not criticizing the education system, it has groomed me personally but something on the curriculum should be added which I more than belief would be of greater importance. Succeeding in life and wealth creation lessons should be added to the curriculum. This would not only help in streamlining students to a successful life but also reduce the unemployment rates.


2 thoughts on “Does Academic qualification ensure success?

  1. The education system in my country suffers from similar problems. Schools provide pupils/students with ample general knowledge, though they poorly prepare them for adulthood. This is even more apparent in academia. The way universities and academies are financed generates a misguided incentive to open meaningless courses of studies. In turn, those generate a sizable, highly educated workforce, for which there is no demand.

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