Ghetto Life.


Civilian sufferings,
Meaningless sufferings,
What for?
And why is it happening that way?
Yet they are not the perpetrators of the cause,
Why do they play the victims of circumstances?
Ghetto life is what most has resorted into,
At the eyes of the kids,
‘Give me some food’ is that painful reality in their looks,
Desperate young souls,
Don`t-care-attitude youths everywhere,
Struggling women trying to get something for their children for food,
Moral decay resulting from the social disintegration,
Rising evil deeds,
Rising crime rates as they try to get a living,
Rising drug-addiction as they search for solace,
No hope everywhere for a better promising tomorrow,
‘Nobody cares about us’ is what they have believed in,
They do that which they feel is good for them,
What malevolent deed did they do to deserve that?
Well, who is to be blamed for that?
Is it the government for neglecting them?
Is it the societies we hailed from?
Is it the people themselves?


4 thoughts on “Ghetto Life.

  1. You paint a very grim but truthful picture of life in those ghettos, Ben. The people don’t deserve to live in such conditions. I have no answers regarding who is to blame – I’m no politician – but I truly hope that things are being done to improve the standard of living for the people there. 🙂

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      1. I have only seen them on film, or read about them in text books (I was a geography teacher) and the sight was bad enough. I know that in real life there’d be so much more to appal us, like smells of sewage or rotting rubbish. It’s all very heartrending, especially knowing that little seems too be done about it. You are obviously concerned about such conditions, Ben, to write about them in such detail. 🙂

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