Give me some Chance Also

So it`s politics,
That drives everything,
In this part of the country,
They tell us to keep shut,
Because everything in due course,
Will be ‘done’,
And that everything is ‘fair’,
But I ask merely,
Did transparency changed,
It`s later meaning?,
It`s a game of ‘I know you, You know me’,
Where will he/she?
Who doesn`t know anybody go to,
Will he/she continue?
Being a victim of circumstances?
Will he/she?
Always be in a battle field,
Who at the end of the war,
Would not receive a share,
A share of what was being fought for?
That`s my worry,
And I think it would always be,
Until fairness and transparency is unfolded,
To the eyes of the looked down upon,
And to the contentment of every citizen,


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