Come my way in my dream,

Come my way in my dream,
And let me show you the way,
How I do what I do,
Because I feel good about it all,
Come my way in my dream,
And let me join the dots between my thoughts about you,
Because I feel good about it all,
Come my way in my dream,
I grope along with no clear path for me to follow,
Hold my hand and lead me in the right path to follow,
Because I feel good about it all,
And because I feel good about you,


#University of Eldoret

Chaos erupted earlier today at the University of Eldoret where section of leaders from Uasin Gishu County plus some students want to Vice Chancellor to leave the post with allegation of unemploying the locals. Due to the same incident area senator, was injured and was taken for medication.

However calm has been restored by the presence of various security personnel.



All I Need Now

A cup of icy cold drink of water,
To quench my thirst off,
A punch of soothing words over my ear,
To smoothen my heart,
A warm cold breeze in the coastal beaches,
To carry away my thoughts,
And bring me into a world of imagination,
A nice soothing song,
To bring my senses back,
A cold shower,
To drain my sweat off my body,
And restore a fresh smell over me,
A welcoming smile,
To cheer my heart up,
Are all I need.
To bring back the almost lost me into existence,
Once more,

The Life`s Course.

You win some, you lose some,
You increase something today; you decrease the other tomorrow,
You feel you are so close,
Only to realize that you are miles and miles away,
You get satisfaction only to meet disappointment in the end,
You raise your hopes high only to be downgraded by the consequences.
I guess that`s the art of life,
The path with which we have to follow,
And definitely one day everything will take its course,
And much, awaited unfolded before our eyes,
Dreams fulfilled and plans accomplished,
As per our hard work, hopes, faith and prayers,

Thank You Note,

Today i felt like thanking all my followers, all those who like my work, all those who comments on my work and my viewers. Actually you are an inspiration to me. Whenever I log in to my account and see that I have a new follower, new like or new comment, I`m just more than motivated.

It gives me the vigour to write down my thoughts and my mind out more and more. You make my blogging worthwhile, I find myself spending more time over the internet and I`m learning a lot.

Thank you all.



Food to my soul,
The rhythm of the beats,
Beats to the beats of my heart beat,
I love music,
Takes me to a world of me alone,
Takes my mind to a meditative state,
I can feel the rhythm in my mind,
I love music,

Give me some Chance Also

So it`s politics,
That drives everything,
In this part of the country,
They tell us to keep shut,
Because everything in due course,
Will be ‘done’,
And that everything is ‘fair’,
But I ask merely,
Did transparency changed,
It`s later meaning?,
It`s a game of ‘I know you, You know me’,
Where will he/she?
Who doesn`t know anybody go to,
Will he/she continue?
Being a victim of circumstances?
Will he/she?
Always be in a battle field,
Who at the end of the war,
Would not receive a share,
A share of what was being fought for?
That`s my worry,
And I think it would always be,
Until fairness and transparency is unfolded,
To the eyes of the looked down upon,
And to the contentment of every citizen,

Twinkle in the Sky.


I stepped out of the house,
Glaring at me,
Were the twinkling, shining stars in the sky,
Shone over my head,
Casting a faded shadow of me on the ground,
Such a beautiful scene to stare at,
I could not help,
Always falling for them,
As they gaze at me,
With welcoming blinks on their shining eyes,
Seems to be whispering something to me,
Calling me to take up something amazing,
The serenity it brings,
Seems it`s all that my heart needed,
I wish I could whisper at them,
And tell them what I feel about them,
Every night like this,
Just staring at them,
And understanding their language,
Oh! What an a beautiful night,