Online Jobs Available in Kenya

Over the past few decades literacy levels in Kenya have risen by greater percentage. Many young people get enrolled into various colleges and universities both the public and the private. In the quest for knowledge people both the young and elderly are schooling.

Consequently, this has led to many undergraduates who graduate every year. This large number of graduates bulge into the job market and the few job opportunities cannot absorb them all. Apart from the formal white-collar jobs there are other income generating activities that one can do to make out some money to eke out the living and for personal development.

Some of the major activities that one can engage himself/herself range from farming which expands to poultry farming and crop farming, business activities; buying and selling of goods and services. There are also online job opportunities that are gaining root in the Kenyan platforms and are gaining more attention and popularity among both the young and elderly who are either formal employed or unemployed citizens. The unemployed citizens can take it as a full time job while the employed persons can take it as a part time job. I`m going to concentrate my attention on this online jobs and explain more about.

Well, online jobs range and have different flavours. It has minimal requirements for one to start it up. The requirements involve:

 A good working computer: laptop or desktop.
 Good functioning and fast internet connectivity.
 A small room to give you required concentration.
 Account with some payment services e.g. PayPal.
 Time, spare at least two hours per day.

The major job opportunities available include the following:

a) Video/Audio Transcription.

This is the act of listening to an audio or watching a video and converting them into written texts. This has been in existence in the market but currently gaining popularity across Kenyan job seeking platforms and has an increased its intrusion.

Some of the best sites offering jobs on the above are:

b) Content Writing
Many companies, institutions, business firms and people are going online. To achieve this they have to upload on their sites information about their services, products, etc. They therefore look for online content writers to their aid. Some of the sites offering the said jobs are:

c) Online Data Entry.
This is the act of entering data and updating data into systems database. It requires the skill of fast typing and being keen and accuracy to avoid entering wrong values. This job is offered in the following sites.

d) Blogging.
This is also another lucrative income generating online activity. One engages himself or herself in writing blogs on topic or theme of his or her choice. The more you write the more you increase the traffic on your blog. To get paid you have to be patient, because you have to market your blog to increase the number of followers on your site. Once you have bought your own domain, you can get paid by google ad sense for example through the advertisement they make on your site. Some of the sites that you can kick start on blogging are:

e) Academic Writing.
Some scholars in various colleges and universities all over the world are opting to get their academic papers written by freelance academic writers at a fee. This is another well-paying online activity. It requires written content that is original, authentic and free from plagiarism. Sites offering this kind of jobs are:

These are just but a few of the available online jobs available jobs in Kenya. You can do them at the comfort of your home, at your own available time, no bound time restrictions. You however is supposed to be consistent in what you do and exercise a lot of patience because with time is when you would enjoy the pay of the above stated jobs.  

        You should be careful not get into the hands of some fake sites masquerading to be good sites offering online jobs. Some are out there trying to capture your attention either for your money or your personal details.

Having identified the job suitable for you, you have to create an account with them and link them to payment systems like pay pal. You create an account with Pay pal and link your Kenyan bank account with it. At the moment the best banks for that is Equity Bank, Cooperative Bank, Chase Bank. This takes one or several weeks to be completed.

From there you are good to go. If you like the post, hit like, comments and follows for more exciting posts on the same and the technological view of the world. If you have any question comment on the comment box or contact-me


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