Lets Unite and cooperate for a better Narok~~ Samuel Tunai, Governor Narok

The Timed Detector

Statement by H.E. Governor Samuel K.
Ole Tunai on staged Demonstrations.

As the governor of Narok County, the
Constitution of Kenya together with vital relevant laws impose on me the mandate and opportunity to exercise my duties and responsibilities in the greater interest of this county, in pursuit of the desirable aspirations, dreams and desires of the people.

Like every other county, Narok has its
trials and the undercurrents of the
political terrain, and the difference is how these challenges are traversed to give development a chance through equitable distribution of resources hinged on participatory planning and outlines of accountability.

The success or failure of devolution in
Kenya will progressively and entirely
depend on our collective political goodwill and full implementation of the

In all these margins I continue to lead by example and by precept, knowing full well that no person from whichever party or whichever clan or…

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