Evolution and advancements in the world of computing have been tremendous over the past few decades. It has seen the major companies like Microsoft venture into the fictions of physics trying to make it into reality.It went ahead and demonstrated The Hololens which uses the power of 3D.

Some of the major areas that have been of greater focus across all the platforms have included: Teleportation (Beams of light are being used to look into the possibility of teleporting human beings),  Genetic Profiling (In trying to come up with best diagnostics practices to various biological problems including diseases and their treatment),Human Cloning (Biological engineering on human beings), Autopilot Vehicles (Self driven automotive and environmental friendly), Smart Adaptable Materials (like smart watches), Customized Food/Smart Packaging, Virtual Realities through powerful cameras and video recorders.

There is also areas like Artificial Intelligence and neural networks, Robotic, ETC.

Looking at all these areas the world of computing is expanding and needs more techno savvy people to be part of the production. This is because any intelligence needs to grow and needs to advance. There should therefore be an appetite for power (In case of ambitious politicians to be part of it), appetite for knowledge, appetite for information and data and how how to make this a reality in the positive way.


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