When I was Young

When I was young,
I used to climb tall trees around our home,
I would have a better view,
Of the land below me right before my eyes,
I would see and watch,
The nature`s beauty below me,
I would be amazed,
By the dazzling and aromatic flowers,
Of the bushes below me,

When I was young,
I would go to my grandmother`s place,
I would climb to the peak,
Of the hill whose foot laid on my grandmother`s garden,
From the peak,
I would have a better view of the ‘world’,
‘World’ that`s what I used to call,
Land below extending vast and wide,

Furthest my eye sight could reach,
I would be amazed,
By the thin line between the sky and the land,
I often wondered what`s beyond that line,
Amazement and wonder,
Rested in my mind,
“One day, I would have a chance,
To go beyond that line”,
I kept telling myself over and over,

When I was young,
Out in the field,
Looking after my father`s cows,
I would sit and watch,
The small insects busying around,
The beautiful butterflies,
Flying and show casing their colored wings,
The birds small and large,
Chirping and gracefully flying around,
We would cheer at two fighting bulls in the herd,

When I was young,
Out in the fields,
With my fellow young boys of the village,
We would play soccer,
We would do athletics, high jump, boxing, hides and seek,
We would run after wild animals,
For sheer fun of it or for game meat,

When I was young,
Everything around looked beautiful,
Everything we did was fun,
Happiness was everywhere,
Every homestead within the village,
Was home to anyone of us,
What we did was for the whole community,
Lowly in the village were helped,
Life was so nice and full of life,

Now I`m a big young man,
Everything changed,
Life styles changed,
Friends changed,
Only a few of my child hood friends I have retained,
Others, got no idea of their where about,
Economic situations changed,
Life`s prevalence changed,
It`s our life we did have then,
Full of memories,
It`s just a thought,


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