Disillusioned? No.

I can see disillusionment in your eyes,
Disappointed that everything turned out sour,
Turned out opposite of your expectation,
You pity your soul,
You pity your life that almost got ruined,
Ruined by your own decisions,
Ruined by your own actions,
You wished you couldn`t have started everything,
You count and nod with your head,
The wasted months of your life,
But at the back of your eyes,
I can see some joy in there,
Happiness you haven`t unfold to yourself,
You will realize it wasn`t a total sheer waste of time,
Everything had a purpose,
At least you now have something to cling unto,
A turning point,
A point to grow,
A point to be a better person,
And a time to relocate and recollect yourself.


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