All in the Mind

I have been wondering how to succeed in life?
Trying to get answers,
I have read many inspiring books,
Many life magazines,
Attended many great motivational speaker`s meetings,
What is it?
To get freedom for anything I want,
To get happiness I always desire,
To find love in my life,
To find honesty and trust in everything I do,
To be fulfilled at the back of my mind,
That what I do is that which I`m passionate about,
It all come to one thing,
It`s me and my imagination,
That make everything all right,
That makes myself strive towards what I desire to be,
It is what I put in my mind,
What I imagine and visualize,
At the end of the day,
Is that which I will become in few years’ time,
I want success, I start imagining success,
I want to good health, I start imagining good health,


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