Lord Help Me.

Sometimes I wonder,
Why God did spared my life?
Why did He give me second chance to see the world again?
What happened to my life is tear dropping,
I flash back everything,
And a bundle of thoughts flow in my mind,
My heart joys for the second life God gave me,
But my heart cries for not knowing what I was destined for,
For not being sure whether I have done what God intended me to do,
Help me Lord,
Help me realize the good you intended me to do,
For this world and humanity,
For my family,
For the society that groomed me and where I hailed from,
For all those people who made my life worthwhile,
For all those people that made me realize ups and downs in life,


3 thoughts on “Lord Help Me.

  1. I believe that if you keep on praying, God will show you His plan for your life. He has so much love for us all that none of us can fully understand it. May you come to a close walk with Him daily. May He become your dearest friend. Bless you. Debbie.

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