It took me days and nights,
Thinking of all that we had started,
Thinking about what we had built together,
It left a part of me completely crushed,
I searched far and wide,
Trying to come to terms,
Trying to understand what was going on in my heart,
I couldn`t find a clue,
I sat and watched from a distance,
Hoping to see myself,
As a fresh man once more,
Send out on a mission,
Why did it have to happen this way?
It`s that one question,
That ran through my mind always for days,
They say “everything happens for a reason”,
But I refused to understand the whole statement,
I couldn`t understand it either when I tried to,
Everything changed,
Perception about everything changed,
Moods degraded,
From best times to worst times,
From happy moments to worst moments in my life,
From the best person to the worst I have ever come across,
Why did it have to happen this way?
Pain went through my heart,
And burned it down softly,
I tried to cool it down,
But could not find the specific and only medication,
For a burning heart,
“Give me another chance, give me some rain, I wanna grow once again”,
Was that one only thing that I wished I could say?
Anyway, anyway, anyway,
That`s the far it went,
After all was said and done,
Everything was like a feather,
That accidentally dropped on fire,
After all the meditations,
Hope was built upon it,


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