I know you because of something you are,

From where you come from,

From the surname you got,

From the type of clothing you put on,

From the accent you got in your talk,

Who came up with this crap piece of theory?

Always having a pre-opinioned statement of someone,

Let`s open up our minds

Take time with someone,

Know his/her thoughts,

His/her strengths or weaknesses,

His/her endeavors and future ambitions,

Learn him/her for anything possible,

Make a judgment about them afterwards,

We are in a social world,

Mix up, mingle and share with the world,

With stereotypic thoughts,

Ain`t moving nowhere,

We wud always find ourselves holding back vital information,

Information meant to give a helping hand to other people in a different social setup,

Let`s fight stereotypic thinking in our minds,

And live in good terms with whoever that surrounds us,

And live together as brothers and sisters.

For a beautiful world for all.



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