Taking advantage of the people`s hopelessness,
Promise of solving people`s hopelessness,
Always been talk of the day,
Transition in the society has been tremendous,
From over a decade ago,
People`s lifestyles have changed,
From clinging to the cultures to adoption of western cultures,
From communism way of living to individualistic way of living,
Everybody is bettering himself/herself,
Without thinking of their next of kin,
Their neighbor or even their brother,
The powerful are taking advantage,
Advantage of the weak and the vulnerable in the society,
The weak out of desperation get engulfed,
Engulfed by this; out of the hope,
Hope that they are finding solution to their myriad problems in their lives.
It`s the society,
Society we grew up on,
Virtues have changed to vices,
Everything have been exposed of its nakedness,
Where did the spirit of brotherhood disappeared to,
That once initially bonded us together,
Well, it starts within me and you,
Bettering the society,
And regaining back the initial good values,
That puts a smile on someone lowly and vulnerable in the society,


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