End justifies the means

Why is it that we torture ourselves with love?

We hope and wish for that one special someone for so long,

And hurts to see them love someone else,

When we finally get the person of our dreams,

They leave sooner or later,

Gone from your life like a feather floating away in the wind,

Never to be seen again,

We cry endlessly for many nights,

Remembering their smiles,

Their kind words,

Their warm embrace,

You can`t help but feel joy when you think all about them,

That special feeling you get whenever you see them,

You dream of them and wake up smiling,

Only to realize it was only a dream,

And the closest thing you have to that person are the memories,

Times you shared that made it all worthwhile,

I guess that`s why we torture ourselves with love,

But one mystery I haven`t figured out,

Why do some people come into our lives?

Why do some people go?

And others become a part of us,

Some friendships feel like they would last forever,

And others far too soon,

Not every friendship is meant to last a lifetime,

What matters is the end of everything,

Because the end justifies the means,

The means and meaning of everything,

That happened to you,


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