Still I Rise.

I have been laid low,
Ran on the mud,
Demoralized to a point of losing hope,
But amid all still I rise,

I have kept my tears back,
Flowing out of my eyes,
Joy was not what I felt,
It was the pain in my heart,
But amid all still I rise,

Been a victim of circumstances a times,
Situations have shown me their backs,
With nowhere else to run to,
My heart being the only refuge,
But amid all still I rise,

I have sometimes blamed myself,
For the wrongs that I have done,
The mistakes that I made,
Bad things I have done to people,
Only to learn, it`s part of my life`s journey,
But amid all still I rise,

I have faced many challenges,
In the quest for my heart`s desires fulfillment,
In the quest to achieve my dreams,
Sometimes deviated away from following my heart`s cry,
But amid all still I rise,
And still I will rise,

Disillusioned? No.

I can see disillusionment in your eyes,
Disappointed that everything turned out sour,
Turned out opposite of your expectation,
You pity your soul,
You pity your life that almost got ruined,
Ruined by your own decisions,
Ruined by your own actions,
You wished you couldn`t have started everything,
You count and nod with your head,
The wasted months of your life,
But at the back of your eyes,
I can see some joy in there,
Happiness you haven`t unfold to yourself,
You will realize it wasn`t a total sheer waste of time,
Everything had a purpose,
At least you now have something to cling unto,
A turning point,
A point to grow,
A point to be a better person,
And a time to relocate and recollect yourself.

All in the Mind

I have been wondering how to succeed in life?
Trying to get answers,
I have read many inspiring books,
Many life magazines,
Attended many great motivational speaker`s meetings,
What is it?
To get freedom for anything I want,
To get happiness I always desire,
To find love in my life,
To find honesty and trust in everything I do,
To be fulfilled at the back of my mind,
That what I do is that which I`m passionate about,
It all come to one thing,
It`s me and my imagination,
That make everything all right,
That makes myself strive towards what I desire to be,
It is what I put in my mind,
What I imagine and visualize,
At the end of the day,
Is that which I will become in few years’ time,
I want success, I start imagining success,
I want to good health, I start imagining good health,

Make Your Intentions Known.

I carry my own story,
Nobody will ever know,
Whether I meant what I said,
What I say and what I said,
What I carry with me,
In the heart,
I don`t know who to blame,
Is it me for not letting them know my intentions?
Or is it them for not taking their time with me?
To know me more than what they have just thought of,
Until circumstances proof them wrong,
I tried my best,
I lived by my heart,
I listened to my heart when it talked,
I followed when it lead me,
In the end,
Only three things will matter,
How much I cherished and loved,
How gently I lived with them,
And how gracefully I did let go,
Of the things not meant for me and for us,



The cold breeze of the morning,
Touched my face,
With some coldness in it,
Put away my sleep,
Announcing to me,
It`s yet another beautiful day,
Yet another day to express my inner thoughts,
The warm sun`s rays,
Shined on my forehead,
Spreading it`s love,
And urging me to spread the same,
To my my beloved,
Human kind,
Sons and daughters of this planet earth,

Always pushing forward


We struggle every day,
We try to do the best in our every chores,
The best we can strive to achieve,
We try to meet our everyday all rounded expectations,
To put a smile on every member of our family,
Burning the midnight oil,
All in conformity trying to make our life better,
No matter the challenges,
No matter the downs,
There is always a flicker of hope,
An inspiration,
A motivational factor,
That is deeply rooted in us,
Always encouraging us to push forward,
And look at every challenge,
As a stepping stone,
For better and great things ahead of us,