Myself! To Cling Unto

Some time I stand and watch
Hoping to see myself as someone else,
From nothing to say to no language to express
I always do things in my own ways,
Hoping to see myself somewhere
Somewhere I can be there enjoying my life`s dreams,
Using our skills in trying to shape our societies,
I have a dream, a dream deeply rooted inside of me,
A dream that,
One day I`m gonna be a very useful person in the society,
Somebody to make a change,
Somebody to be look up to,
With nothing to cling unto,
From my razor thin wallet,
To all that flows in my mindset,
I only have myself,
As an aficionado to myself,
To make all the changes,
Changes necessary for me to success,
I`m the true definition of myself,
Only I can do all that flows in my mindset,



I`m supposed to be a soldier,

Who never loses composure?

In our hoods we ain`t die of exposure,

We fight hard to escape from the torture,

In our hearts and feelings which have always been low,

Not because of our wishes but coz of the law,

Forward we will move,

From the little we will achieve,

We strike back as we reflect,

The leaders we elect,

Before the sunset,

We rose and made ourselves ready and set,

We struggled though encountered; and outwitted challenges we met,

Though our clothes were made wet.

Forever we wil move forward,

And success in our paths.